Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harvard 1904, 32nd President of the United States

Theodore Roosevelt, Harvard 1880, 26th President of the United States

Salmon P. Chase, Dartmouth 1826, Secretary of the US Treasury Department

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Harvard 1861, Associate Justice; US Supreme Court



John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Brunonian 1897, Financier and Philanthropist

Henry Clay Folger, Amherst 1879, President, Standard Oil (Mobile)

David Packard, Stanford 1934, Founder, HewlettPackard

Grant Tinker, Dartmouth 1949, CEO, National Broadcasting Company (NBC)


Robert Ludlum, Middletown 1951, Author

Francis Bellamy, Rochester 1876, Author of the original Pledge of Allegiance

Daniel Pearl, Stanford 1986, Journalist; Wall Street Journal


Bernard W. Bierman, Minnesota 1915, Athlete, University of Minnesota Football Coach

Otto Everett Graham Jr., Northwestern 1944, Pro Football Hall of Fame QB for the Cleveland Browns

Jackie Jensen, California 1949, Athlete, Major League Baseball Outfielder

Walter A. Haas, Jr., California 1937, Owner of Oakland Athletics


MacDonald Carey, Wisconsin 1935, Actor

Roger Faxon, Johns Hopkins 1970, C.O.O. of Columbia Pictures, C.E.O. of EMI Music

Frederick March, Wisconsin 1920, Actor



Joseph S. Ames, Johns Hopkins 1886, President, Johns Hopkins University

Charles W. Eliot, Harvard 1853, President, Harvard University

William Watts Folwell, Geneva 1857, President, University of Minnesota

G. Keith Funston, Phi Kappa 1932, President, Trinity College


Frederick Madison Allen, California 1902, Pioneer in Diabetes

Farrington Daniels, Minnesota 1910, Pioneer in Solar Energy

Michael Gazzaniga, Dartmouth 1961, Founder of the Field of Cognitive Neuroscience


Samuel Blatchford, Columbia 1837, Justice, US Supreme Court

Henry Billings Brown, Yale 1856, Justice, US Supreme Court

William R. Day, Peninsular 1870, Justice, US Supreme Court