Lady Phi Pageant

Alpha Delta Phi’s Annual Lady Phi Pageant takes place each Spring in the Student Union Theater.  Each Panhellenic organization on campus sends a sister to represent their organization in the Pageant.  The Pageant includes a number of different categories including a talent portion, literary reading, and Q&A.  The event is judged by members of the Greek Community from organizations such as OSFL, GCAB, and IFC.  Once the judges decide the winner, she is awarded the prized Lady Phi Paddle and is featured on the Alpha Delta Phi composite photo the next year.

Lady Phi 2022

Thank you to all of our participants and everyone who came out to support a great cause this year. Congratulations to this years Lady Phi winner, AXO’s Hannah Pereira! Special shoutout to Brother Patrick Vozzo for organizing and running a fantastic event. 

Lady Phi 2019

Thanks to all the contestants who participated in Lady Phi 2019! It was an awesome event, for an amazing cause.  Special shoutout to Philanthropy Chairman Brother Patrick Gough for all his hard work planning the event!  Also a congratulations to our 2019 Lady Phi, Gracie Collins from Kappa Alpha Theta!  We hope to see everyone again at Lady Phi 2020!


The brothers with 2019 Lady Phi winner Gracie Collins

Past Pageant Winners

2022: Hannah Pereira, Alpha Chi Omega

2019: Gracie Collins, Kappa Alpha Theta

2018: Hannah Szczesny, Kappa Alpha Theta

2017: Madeleine Dollinger, Alpha Phi

2016: Corey Fay, Pi Beta Phi

2015: Taylor Dubreuil, Gamma Phi Beta